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Welcome to the Philatelic Media Wiki

The PM Wiki is intended to develop into a philatelic reference that will be avaliable to all

The intention is to make it as easy as possible for users to find philatelic information which can be updated as new details are reported
In effect this will take the form of an online encyclopedia (dedicated to the memory of Tony Oliver)

The basic editing page describes how to create pages and you can practice editing in the wiki sandbox.

The banner at the top of each page will return you to this page
The links on the left side are also avaliable at all times

Editing the information

Only specified users are able to edit the details contained in these pages.
This system has been adopted to ensure as far as possible that spam and other such items do not appear on the pages

If you wish to be included in the list of editors please contact the webmaster from the IPDA main site

Finding details

The easiest way to find details is to use the search box that appears at the top right of the page
Our index pages auto create a list of page links to topics already in place and this should help you get started quickly

Using the basic editing system, links can be created from one piece of information to another.

Blank pages created by this method can then be edited by authorised users to expand on the details presented

If you find an item that you feel should be linked via other areas or where expanded details should be provided via a new topic, please contact the Webmaster
with the details. Our intention is to cover as much detail as possible and all suggested revisions will be considered

Pictures / Scans

This is a visual hobby and as such the intention is to have the articles fully illustrated.
If you can provide scans of items to illustrate any of the information contained in these pages we would welcome contact with the details.

Search for articles without a picture

In addition to the pages that still require a picture, any additional illustrations for pages where at least one is already included
would be most welcome. Again details can be forwarded to the webmaster via the main IPDA site

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Page last modified on August 19, 2014, at 11:16 AM