Welcome to the IPDA website. For those who have visited the IPDA before you will see this is a new presentation of our website. We hope you find it easy to get around. It is in its early stages of development in many ways and over coming months we expect to add more content.

For new visitors to the IPDA we are a ‘not for profit’ Association of philatelic dealers. Our main goals are to allow stamp collectors to trade and interact with other collectors and dealers with confidence and, to make the internet a safer place to buy stamps.

To become a Member of the IPDA anyone selling stamps on the internet agrees to our Code of Ethics. Members who trade under the IPDA banner are fully committed to these ethics and in doing so we believe we ensure buyers will have confidence dealing with these sellers.

in this internet day and age the only qualification to sell stamps on the internet is that you have some stamps. Whether a person knows anything about philately is, far too often, largely irrelevant.

IPDA Members have demonstrated philatelic knowledge of this wonderful hobby and most importantly, we think, a care for the buyers of their stamps.

If you are a seller of stamps and want your customers to recognize your brand and you fully comply with our Code of Ethics please consider joining, just click the Application menu tab.

Perhaps together we can grow the IPDA membership and establish a selling community that buyers will respect and do even more business with.

Please Join the IPDA if you are a respected seller, or look for the IPDA logo proudly displayed by our Members if you are a buyer.

Enjoy your Philately

Are You Ready?

These are just a few stamps you might find online, being offered for sale. One is even offered as Very Fine used, and it certainly isn’t the one you might think.


So are you a seller, full time dealer or part time. Part time is good as we have many Members who enjoy having their own store and selling stamps and helping many collectors fill gaps in their collections. These sellers have agreed to abide by the IPDA Code of Ethics, one of which is, “ To provide buyers of all material with a written description which, to the best of the members knowledge, accurately and completely describes the condition, identification and specification of the items for sale” This is so important to us at the IPDA. Look at the examples and decide if you could accurately describe these stamps. Do you understand and agree with the professionals at Stanley Gibbons and Scott , just two philatelic brands for example only, who both have excellent documentation on stamp quality?

Think you qualify and want to add the IPDA logo to your store and brand name? Please look at our Application form. We look forward to hearing from you. Join the IPDA and help what we all stand for in the philatelic community.